Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Breakfast for the girls

Breakfast's up!

Left for JE (stick must be pink), right for SE (not fussy on colour)

Most mornings, SE gets fruit and an egg. The egg is either steamed with some milk or scrambled with butter and milk. Occasionally she has oats with banana or Marmite. This girl is easy, she wakes up all ready for breakfast and always finishes everything up.

JE has fruit and a half-boiled egg. I was super-glad when she accepted the latter - much easier than trying to feed her bread or anything else! Typical result of a half-hour session with much exhortation to 'eat faster, swallow your food, don't keep in your mouth so long, no need to chew and chew etc'.... a quarter piece of bread eaten! Often she spits out the food after a good 5mins in her mouth too, sigh. She's getting tired of egg though. My back-up plan for now is cereal and biscuits.

The whole reason why there is fruit for breakfast is because of JE. Since fruit was about the only thing she ate with minimal fuss, I always included some at breakfast. Now SE gets fruit too... not that she is complaining. :)

Addendum: Welll.... SE finishes her food MOST of the time. But occasionally she doesn't, and that's when she gets special treatment... eating al fresco! Here, with balloons to play with. And a plant to hold. Life is good when you're a little princess!

What? I must have nice environment to eat my breakfast


  1. so shiok to eat al fresco in the morning ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Yeah if I were her, I'd be acting up every day to get al fresco!