Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Love steamboat

Gotta blog about this place we went to last week. People sit at a counter and take food from the conveyor belt. Typical of a sushi place... but this is steamboat! I'd thought this would be expensive since each plate contains a small amount of food, so was glad to find out it's a fixed price buffet.

My pot of soup nicely boiling away. Notice the stack of plates so far :)

Hubby was happy since he loves steamboat. JE was thrilled at the novelty and the free flow of ice-cream. SE chomped down loads of quail eggs and fish (I didn't want her eating processed food) and ice-cream (oh well, she'd eaten up her mains so some dessert won't hurt). My maid was happy she could eat all she wanted. Bottom line... everyone was happy!

I ate a lot!

Can we come again?

This is 'I love steamboat' at Kota Damansara, price RM35 for adults.


  1. Love steamboat too! Will definitely chk this place out. But rather far for me though. Hope there is a branch nearer. Will google.

  2. Leona, not to say THAT cheap if you can't eat a lot. But worth it for the fun methinks!

  3. Saw something similar like this in SG.. can't remember where. Would love to try it out too! So much easier and fun than the usual steamboat buffets haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka