Friday, December 13, 2013

Tupperware again

I posted about my Tupperware hobby earlier... is it becoming an addiction now?  Heh. Pictured here are things NOT in the earlier post. There are more that weren't with me yet when I took these pics. And yep there are more coming. Arggh!

Most ARE being used actually. Except for the odd few that I bought just because people were clearing stocks at a good price.  Also, Tupperware tend to come in sets (of 3, 4, 5 pieces) so sometimes I don't use every single piece. But hubby is pretty good at helping himself to them too!

I do get so happy shopping for, buying, receiving and using these colourful things. :)

These are all our Mummy's tupperware

But this one is my milk bottle. *gulp*


  1. This is totally hilarious, Stacy! Nvm, CNY coming! Handy to store all those titbits! How come mostly round shaped Tupperwares?

  2. Leona, coz previous batch was mostly rectangular! Anyway I've bought lots more since this hehe. Flat ones, bowl-shape, pitchers, sauce bottles, scoops you name it. :p

  3. Omg..expensive hobby! I used to like this tupperware until Daiso exist!

  4. Rach... no no Daiso different! Haha. So if you wanna sell off your tupperware, I take. :D