Thursday, December 26, 2013

No school yet

After some agonising, we have decided not to send JE to kindy next year. She will attend only 2 years of kindy before primary school. I'd initially planned to send her together with Jensen, her cousin of the same age who will be starting next year. I do think she is ready and would enjoy/learn at kindy.  So why not?

Well... mainly because we live 45mins away from the kindy located near my parents' house. Kindy starts at 8am, so she'd need to leave our house by 7.15am.  Working backwards, she'd need to wake up around 6.30am.  This girl loves her sleep - I wake her at 8 to 8.30am these days and it's already not easy getting her up! Adjusting our lifestyle (i.e. earlier to bed and earlier to rise) isn't quite possible either. Even if I leave the office at 6pm sharp, it's over an hour before I can reach home and start making dinner. Dinner is served around 8pm and bedtime is 10.30-11pm.

Back to the topic, hubby isn't in favour of sending her to kindy yet for another reason. He says she has many school-years ahead, so let her just play for now. Which makes sense to me, actually.

So it's another year of pure PLAY for my little girl!

My hat nice or not?

Everybody twist and shout

Good day, sir!

I have prepped her that Jensen will be going to school and she will not go yet. That he will have friends, get party packs. She seems ok with it - happy that she doesn't have to get up early, doesn't have to eat fast and can still put her fingers in her mouth.

My back-up plan should she really want to attend kindy... try to get her in half-way through! Will see how. Fingers crossed that everything turns out fine. It is only ONE year of delay after all.


  1. who knows, maybe she might want to go after hearing all the stories Jensen tells her about school? :) she will adjust somehow I'm sure when the time comes.. Lil Pumpkin sleeps about 10.30pm too (I guess the usual time when both parents work haha) and wakes up around 7am for school.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Jensen is saying JE dun wanna go to school because cannot put finger in her mouth. I think that's what JE told him. Anyway, not to worry coz Justin didn't really talk much bout his friends in school or school for that matter. He only shared a few words when asked. I bet Jensen will be the same. Though he will come home with party packs (which he will need to share the content) n homework that needs to be done (which may delay "playing time" with JE). Plus point, 1 year or rather 10.5 months will pass very fast.

  3. Ai, if she'd said she wanted to go to school, I'd have accommodated somehow. For now, rather glad don't have to yet! Can still watch TV till late(r), wake up later, have a decent breakfast etc.

    Cat, funny thing is, she had said she WANTED to go to school. So I started hanging things on that peg... go school must eat fast. Go school cannot put fingers in mouth. Go school must wake up early. Then the peg fell off and now she doesn't want to go haha.