Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Climb again

I've been slightly slack in taking photos of the kids, so brought my camera when we went out for food. Ended up taking more photos of JE's backside haha.  I had to call her to come and EAT a dozen times throughout the meal!


She'll turn back, take the proffered mouthful of food and turn away to play again.

What's over there?

Aikss... what to do with this girl??

Fiddle fiddle

The important thing to me is that she does finish her food. But hopefully all this 'force feeding' doesn't affect her future eating habits. I'm thinking that soon I must get her to feed herself - maybe once she has something to do (i.e. select food, scoop into the spoon etc), the playing will reduce. As it is, she will be the very last person to finish at the meal table.

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