Sunday, December 8, 2013

House in a mess

We have had workmen tramping through the house the past week, making long-delayed repairs and minor improvements. It's trying having messes everywhere and everything not in the usual place. There are also visits to shops to choose tiles, paint and whatnot. Still, I count myself lucky we didn't have to move out as hubby had feared. Also, it's nice to have the job done before CNY.

Fixing, painting, drilling, hacking...

Having small kids around is a nuisance as they do keep touching things they're not supposed to! And someone is always needing attention. It's also hard for them to nap with drilling and hacking noises. Finally resorted to putting them in the maid's room where no work is being done.

Why so dirty? Where's my doggy? How come cannot watch TV?

OKlah, I eat my blueberry waffle and don't ask anything

Looking forward to completion of the work next week!


  1. Waiting to be invited to improved house for CNY :-)

    And yeah, reno and young kids are a bad, bad combination!

  2. ya at least you can look forward to a new and improved home for CNY! :)
    hopefully it'll be done by Christmas too?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Y, minor work actually. But taking a long time!

    Ai, work was fast at first. Now the workers have moved on to another site and the boss is coming single-handedly, it's still ongoing. Sigh.