Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hobby: Tupperware

I've been going a little crazy over Tupperware lately. Bought some online and since then I keep looking for more. Initially I bought rectangular ones since these are easier to store. Then once I had the small and medium ones, I then needed some BIG ones. And also TINY ones. And maybe ROUND ones. And maybe some in nice designs or colours which I don't already have. Arggh I am not addicted, am NOT!

My mummy bought all these colourful things

Su Ern, jie-jie show you what these are!

JE: Ta-dahh! Building blocks!
SE: Oooh! Hehe. I poke and see if this will fall

I have always been partial to things that can last. And these, my girls can take some next time. Haha... justifying myself already!


  1. JE's dress matches the tupperwares! And:
    1) That's really a LOT of tupperwares.
    2) You are SOOOOOOO addicted. No buts about that!
    3) Couldn't help grinning cos I have a tupperware post drafted in my mind too. haha.

  2. Ya hor the dress does match. :) I shall get a few more and then enough la.

  3. Ai, too many cannot use all! Using just a few while the rest sit around and look pretty.

  4. U sure must have lots of cupboard space to store the whole lot!!!

  5. Leona, actually I do, and still have tons of kitchen cabinet space left haha.