Monday, October 14, 2013

Little Miss Mischief

SOMEBODY got hold of Ah Kong's pill box with its compartments for each day of the week. And re-distributed the pills in there. Fortunately she left some pills on the floor and put the rest into ONE single compartment so Ah Kong knew something was up.  Otherwise he might have gulped down the wrong pills.

SOMEBODY put my freshly-picked lime into the toilet bowl. And flushed it. (Yes, limes go down when flushed!)

SOMEBODY regularly gets her hands on scissors by dragging a chair to wherever they are kept in high places. So far she has cut assorted books, a hole in her pants and her own eyelid in addition to acceptable items like brochures and advertisements.

SOMEBODY drew on the curtain also when other kids just draw on the walls.

These days, when some mischief is found especially when it's of an odd type, people say, 'Must be Jo Ern lah!' And yes, most times she IS the culprit.

Look, a flower! (broom in the fountain behind, yep that's her work)

Ah Kong says she is just curious. I suppose it's good that she's using her brain and exploring the world in her own way. Err I guess. Maybe. At least she has the grace to look guilty and does admit to her misdeeds!

My big girl, at 3.5 years old.

This dress har, can turn and dance wann!


  1. Mixing up with Ah Kong's pills sounds really scary...luckily he realised it!

  2. She cut her own eyelid?! Ok, this one I haven't heard before. Where? In your own house?

  3. Leona, yeah that potentially can be very dangerous.

    Cat, in Papa/mama's place, accidentally. She had a vertical line on the eyelid for a few days. Thank God just the eyelid!

  4. Oh dear I hope her eyelid is ok!! Time really flies.. can't believe she's 3.5 years old already!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka