Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Papa's place

Last weekend hubby finally got a new mattress. Come afternoon nap time, JE came downstairs in a flood of tears.

JE:  Mummy... *sobs* I want to sleep in Papa's place
Me: Ohh. Jo Ern go and ask Papa ok? Where is Papa?
JE:  Sleeping
Me: Sleeping where?
JE:  In Papa's place

Obviously this was a matter between hubby and JE! I shoo-ed her back upstairs. When I went to check on her a while later, this is what I saw in a corner of our bedroom:


Kiddo had made her own bed on the floor. With her bolster and pillow, my blanket and her doggy. Oh well... whatever works! She was fast asleep and hubby got to sleep on his own mattress.