Friday, December 16, 2011

Ipoh trip Days 2&3

Woke up and had a BIG breakfast.  :) The provided (for 10pax) buffet breakfast was surprisingly good, almost at 5-star hotel standard.

We headed off to Seenivasagam park.  No particular reason for choosing this park, it's just somewhere we used to go as kids and it's somewhere our kids can play in now.  It was rather hot, as open-air parks are.  It didn't quite live up to our memories haha.  My camera battery died so no more photos after this park.

Rock rock rock...

This one also can rock rock

The next day it was off to the caves.  I was keen on the tortoise pond.  We got there and.... hey where are all the giant tortoises??  The pond used to be full of tortoises from giant to tiny!  While there are still quite a number, it's way fewer and the largest are only large-sized not giant-sized. 

Wow got so many turtle

We were entertained by a psycho tortoise that chased other tortoises and very aggressively bit them on the leg and even head.  Who says tortoises are mild creatures?! (OK I keep wanting to type 'turtle' coz that's what Jo Ern calls them!  But the signboard at the temple does say 'Tortoise Pond'.)

I am psycho, yes I am


OK guess Ipoh doesn't have all that much to offer!  We did eat A LOT and enjoyed spending time together.  Which is what's important. :)


  1. Errrr... Not a very nice family shot la, I tot it was a good one. Haha... Ppl are too small, too much background. The photographer needs more training. Haha... Overall a wonderful trip. N the tortoise was definately a highlight of this trip.

  2. what a lovely family holiday!

  3. Cat, I already cropped this photo like anything. Already a bit blur. Original had ppl ant-sized! I already asked Lina to come closer that day... when she didn't I thot photo looked ok and just left it to her.

  4. hahaha... couldn't expect much from an untrained photographer... probably her first time taking pic. afterall the ppl in the pic are not quite ready. mama is looking elsewhere, erin's head is blocked and some kid just need to be trick with an imaginary monkey on the tree. maybe we can consider taking a nice family pic with everyone well dress up. i mean a professional one.