Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ipoh trip Day 1

So we went to Ipoh for a family holiday last weekend.  Well why not?  Hehe.  Ipoh fulfils our basic criteria - not too far, not on a hill in case got landslide, it had things to see and eat, and we found an apartment with 5 rooms.  

Before Ipoh though, the Sungkai hot springs! With hubby's driving, reached there in less than 1.5 hours.  Now this wasn't bad at all.  There are multiple pools for various purposes, ranging from swimming to a nice warm dip to hot enough for serious boiling action!  The landscaping was nicely done and amenities were pretty decent.  Prices of food sold were reasonable.  It's best not to set expectations too high though... hubby's verdict of the place was 'nothing special' (I shall ask him to take me to a 'special' place one day!).

Hello from the hot springs!

Make my egg well done, Papa

Go walk-walk a bit while kakak waits for the eggs

Whoaa the water in the fountain behind me is super-hot!

Ahhh finally... the eggs are ready! *poke poke*

Oh the eggs. Strangely they were very hot and remained so for a VERY long time!  They were sold at RM2.50 for 5 and came with a packet of soy sauce, in a styrofoam bowl with a plastic fork.  The basket to boil them in is provided.

And everyone thought I couldn't walk on this path!

The reflexology path had some hot water piped in, not too much, just enough to heat the stones up a little.  I thought that was perfect.

Mummy... I also want to dip my feet in the water

I dipped my feet in various pools.  The water was way too hot for a little girl though!  I couldn't keep my feet in for more than a few seconds although some people did soak for quite some time.  There were a couple of pools where people went whole-body in - would have liked to try but they were rather crowded when I noticed them.  Each pool isn't big at all.

Yayy I get some dipping action at last!

I liked this big hot-water pool best.  Big enough to swim in, not too hot to stay in.  Wouldn't have minded staying longer but we did have to get out for lunch.  One feature we didn't try was the private jacuzzi at RM75 per hour.  Entrance to the hot springs is RM12 per adult and RM10 for kids above 3.  Of course, would have been more worth the money to stay the whole day!

Went to Sungkai town for lunch at Choy Kee (good food, good price) and went on to Ipoh.  Apartment was nice at Ritz Garden, RM630 per night (recording this for myself hehe). 

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