Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mess monster

Mess monster?  Nope, that's not ME

I did throw all these bricks onto the floor... but I help clean up k?

Don't worry, I will keep ALL the bricks using my brick tube

Well... since they are already on the floor... might as well kick them around a bit

Jo Ern is actually rather tidy.  I can't put something in the middle of the floor coz she will put that object back into its place.  While packing for our recent family holiday I purposely left my specs case out so that I'd remember to pack my specs the next morning.  Next thing I knew, she had tucked the specs case neatly in my bag pocket!  Then while on holiday some of us kicked off our shoes round the shoe rack. She picked them all up and piled them ON the rack.  I pulled over some stools from the dining table to the living room, she pushed them back to the dining table.

My mom calls this one a 'kay poh chi'.  Good thing she got more of Papa's tidy genes than Mummy's UNtidy ones!

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  1. Good time she can be mummy's handy helper around the house...since she is neat and tidy.