Monday, May 8, 2017

SE is five!

Su Ern is five years old today!

Happy birthday to me!

We celebrated the weekend before.  It was also considered a celebration for JE since she developed chicken pox on the eve of her own birthday celebration.  The cake has 5 candles but does say "Happy Birthday Jo Ern and Su Ern"!  SE chose the Minions cake (which JE didn't quibble about... since she did have her own choice of cake earlier).

JE: My cake too!

Menu, for my own future reference:  Prawn/seaweed crackers as appetisers for hungry guests.  Then for mains - Bak kut teh (cooked by hubby)/yau char kwai/enoki mushrooms, Yong tau foo, Satay, Stir fried veg.  Nah, *I* didn't cook anything hehe.

Nom nom nom

The kids played various games together.

Duplo for now, later other things

I like how the photos turned out... the birthday girl does pose well when she's in the mood.

Happy 5th birthday!


  1. Simple but heart warming celebration. Happy Belated Birthday~

  2. happy belated birthday to SE! she looks so sweet in all the photos here.

  3. Aww happy belated birthday to SE!! :) Today is Lil Pumpkin's 8th birthday too!