Friday, May 26, 2017

The reluctant student

SE isn't a model student so far.  Back when the previous kakak was trying to teach her ABC...

SE:  I can learn any time I want, kakak.  Now I don't want.

This studying thing... I don't like it

Now that she's in kindy, she has "study time" with the cousins in the afternoon.  Sometimes she doesn't want to go upstairs for it.  Sometimes she keeps grumbling that she wants to go and play instead.  So my mum asks her to learn first, then go and teach kakak.  This should make her more keen to learn.  My maid related a few stories from different occasions:

Kakak:  What did you learn today?
SE:  Uhmmmm I forgot

Kakak:  What did you learn today?
SE:  Wait. * goes upstairs.*  Ah Mah! What did I learn today?

Kakak:  What did you learn today?
SE:  Ah mah don't want to let me learn today
(Haha... I also don't know what happened)

Kakak:  What did you learn today?
SE:  I learn today
Kakak:  What did you learn today?
Kakak:  Ah ok, you learnt the word "today"!

Hehe... luckily kakak is cooperative!  (And I never, ever want to homeschool my kids...)


  1. SE is still a very young child and children learn a lot from playing too. I believe her when she said she can learn anytime when she wants to. Just that she prefers to play now.

  2. Some kids just don't have the interest to study like other kids. I think they need something interesting to hold their interest, maybe visual aids in presentation will be better. These are smart kids but their interest is not there yet.

  3. I never ever thought of homeschooling my girl too.. have too little patience for that and it will ruin our relationship for sure! hahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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