Friday, June 2, 2017

Port Dickson 2017

And we were in PD AGAIN.  I bought some free-stay vouchers from an owner who probably is tired of the place hehe.  Unlike the previous time, there weren't many guests at all.

We are back! 

We are stuck here, don't call us to leave

This trip the girls didn't want to go to the Ostrich farm, so there was plenty of time for the beach and the pool.  JE can write now:

Yep, that's me

Then she wrote the name for the little sis (who CAN write her name already, actually)

Jo Ern added stars and a heart for me!

I got her to do one for me:

Me with Mummy

Hmm Papa's name is so short:

Me with Papa

SE discovered she is now tall enough to stand in the pool!

I'm all big now!

Holiday time means ice-creams, junk food...

First ice-cream...

And just because SE was shouting away for another ice-cream on the same day, hubby got them one more... *rolls eyes*

Second ice-cream!

This place is pretty run down and the beach was dirty this time - murky water and too much man-made rubbish.  The kids don't even see those things for now.  We probably have a few more years to enjoy this type of cheap holiday!


  1. The girls are really enjoying themselves in the swimming pool and at the beach. Children are not particular like adults. Give them a swimming pool or the beach and they have no eyes for anything else....except ice creams...Hahahah...

  2. As long as the children are happy the parents are happy too, right?

  3. Nancy, yeah it probably doesn't matter whether this pool/beach is in PD or the Maldives...

    Mun, happy especially on the cheap like this!

  4. That's right.
    The girls are really enjoying themselves in the swimming pool and at the beach.

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