Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Gymrama progress

Our Saturday routine now includes gymrama at 1130am to 1pm.  Not too bad as the girls can wake up late, have a leisurely breakfast and chill around a bit before it's time to go for gymrama.

Warming up

I wait there since it's a 30min drive... no point driving back and forth.  I generally do my own thing as I don't want to get stressed out about their prowess, or lack thereof.  JE seems to be doing well enough...

Point toes, step, step

Leg up

SE, however...  Every time I look her way, she would wave at me, extend her arms for a hug or just run over to me.  So I make it a point NOT to look.  Then one day, I looked up long enough to notice that she DOESN'T follow instructions!  While the rest of the class watch the teachers, she looks outside, at the ceiling, at other people.  While others practice the steps, she would just stand there or fiddle with her leotard/hair/specs.  Partly it's because she doesn't understand instructions, some of which would be delivered in Mandarin (this is a Chinese school, after all). Partly because she's younger, some motor skills like bouncing a ball and jumping a rope are beyond her.  So now she gets stern instructions from me to FOLLOW WHAT THE TEACHER SAYS.

Sometimes she does that.

Point toes, arms up

Quite often I still catch her NOT following.  Oh this small girl.  I guess learning SOME of the skills are better than nothing haha.


  1. Looks like she is the youngest of them all. Soon, she will pick up and move with the others.

    1. There is one more regular young girl who is SE's age, and SHE seems to be trying her best to follow. I've managed to inform the teachers that she doesn't understand Mandarin, hopefully they will remember sometimes!

  2. From the photos, JE is fitting in well. I agree with Nancy, SE is still very young, soon she will be like JE.

    1. She was spending half the class goofing off haha. But she pays enough attention to NOT be left behind when the whole class moves to a different spot in the hall.

  3. haha their outfits all so cute..