Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Genting 2017

Second trip for this school holidays.  JE has been requesting Genting for ages.  To which hubby always replies, oh we can go any time.  Well "any time" turned out to be over a year!

We got lucky with a room upgrade.  Plus it turned out to be the corner one and thus the largest I've ever stayed in!  There were two bathrooms, two TVs and essentially two areas separated by a door. See how far JE is in my photo hehe....

Cooeeee, I'm hereeeeee..... 

There still isn't much to do in Genting.  The theme park looks far from completion.  While the SkyAvenue mall is impressive with exclusive shops, (I'm not one for shopping but there are many interesting food outlets), can't be spending all that much time there.  The kids found their own activities - FOUR times in the bath tub:

Rub a dub dub two girls in a tub

Non-stop cartoons from the Cartoon Network:

Cheese! (Now let us get back to TV)

Goofing around with the soft toys they brought:

These are Moomins. And Pascal

And we ate lots:

Yum yum dim sum

Finally tried Go Noodle house, I liked this a lot:

Blekk don't like this type of stuffed fishball

I'd happily go any time we get a nice room again!


  1. The upgraded rooms give you and family plenty of space. So nice for the girls to have their own swimming pool in the bathroom. Lol! The food in Genting are quite good.

  2. Adjoining rooms? So big and nice. Can see from the photos that SE and JE are so happy during this trip.

  3. I have not been to genting for very long time. How's the theme park now ya...

  4. Nancy, yeah food's good. And once you're already there, it's so easy to just walk anywhere and sit down. No need to worry about parking and whatnot.

    Mun, it's a bit like a one-bedroom apartment I guess. Since the bedroom is one side and the living room the other.

    SK, from the window I used to peep down on the theme park, there's a building now where it used to be bare earth. It's all grey concrete so should still be quite far to completion.