Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Still Stubborn

Stubborn is probably part of what SE is.  She continues doing what she wants to even when confronted with a stern face and voice.  It doesn't help she has always been pretty strong!  For now she's still small enough to be physically restrained, with some effort.

We wanted to go UP and SE wanted to press the 'Down' button as well:

I want

I want to press

Let me press

Hey let go of my hand

When scolded, she will just laugh and laugh:

Hahaha hehehehe

When we are out and about, I'm always worried SE will get her fingers stuck on the lift door, her foot caught on the escalator, that she will fall somewhere etc.  She already is accident-prone even when NOT being naughty/stubborn.


  1. SE looks so cheeky in the last photo.

    1. Super cheeky... what to do with this girl.

  2. She has a strong mind and will. I guess she is being playful.

    1. Thing is, nobody can get through to her when she is like this. She will just laugh and say silly things in between. This is probably her way of escaping a serious lecture!