Friday, June 30, 2017

The "Goose Pond"

While hubby is away in East Europe, we slept one night at my parents' house.  The kids decided they wanted the bed so I took the mattress on the floor.  Which was a good thing as it turned out.  SE moves A LOT in sleep.  JE ended up like this in the morning:

JE: * Almost falling off bed
SE: Ahhhh

I had a good night's sleep by myself (teeheehee).

Then a quick visit to the place nearby dubbed the "goose pond".  So nice to have this kind of nature place close by.

Going down down down

Four girls and one grandma

Ahhh don't let that ferocious chicken near me

I was hoping to pet some rabbits.  While we did see rabbits as well as fish, chicken, sheep and turkeys, there was a major problem:  The Geese!  Gahh.  These were noisy, seemed upset with our presence and followed us around. 

Honk honk honk and go away!

We had to leave because of them, but it was time to anyway.


  1. Oh, better be careful with the geese. They can pinch you blue-black with their beaks! I was once chased by a pack of geese!

  2. where is this goose pond? Does it have an official name? Good to let the children get close to nature.

    1. It's private property but apparently the owner doesn't mind people using it. It's not worth purposely driving there or anything, but great if it's in the neighbourhood only.

  3. haha good that you all managed to see so many diff animals just from one walk to the pond! The girls all look so tall now..

    1. If not for the geese, I'd have liked it more haha.