Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I want to be Mummy

SE:  Next time I will be big and big.
Me:  Good. Then you can help me wash the dishes, tidy up...
SE:  Mummy!  I said I want to be MUMMY!  Not KAKAK!

Hehehe.  And I already wash dishes for myself and the kids, wipe the table and whatnot.  (My maid is overall good, but she doesn't work as fast as the previous one.)

My maid also laughed and told her that Mummy also washes dishes and tidies up.

While in principle it'd be good to have the kids do chores, that way generally takes too much effort to be worthwhile for now.

I just want to be a Mummy... hmmpff


  1. Wait until they are older a bit then can help out with the chores. Next time maybe when you are doing the chores you can remind that Mommy also do chores like Kakak.

  2. Good suggestion by Mun. At least she gets to see that mommy has to do chores too. Ha ha!

  3. Haha yes must point out that Mummy also does work sometimes and is not always playing with her phone!

  4. Think simple chores like keeping their own clothes, toys etc still ok.. or even simple washing. Other stuff is 越帮越忙!