Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kittens round 2

We never did solve the problem of the kittens.  The plan was to keep only 1 or 2 of the 5 kittens.  However, the executor (aka hubby) of the plan to drop off the unwanted ones at a nearby wet market-site never delivered on the job.  In the meantime, there was a day when I drove back home at night.  Switched on the porch lights and opened the front door, proceeding to unload the car of kids and various belongings.  When suddenly I noticed there was a kitten under my front tyre.  It was quite dead.  :(

SE kept saying, "Mummy made the kitten die!"

Later at night, that changed to, "Mummy KILLED the kitten!"

And hubby had the cheek to call me "cat-killer"... as if it wasn't traumatising enough to have driven over a poor innocent kitten.  So it was down to 4 kittens.

Well, this didn't last too long.  Coz a week later, he reversed over another kitten.  (He got a taste of his own medicine this time!  He was traumatised also, and yes, of course I had to call him "cat-killer too).  We already did take precautions to always locate and remove the kittens before driving in and out, but in that case the kitten walked back under the car after being removed.  So it was down to 3 kittens.  And our shopping list included a large sack of cat food.

2 of the 3 remaining kittens were female and we were going to take them to the vet to be spayed.  Before that happened... BOTH became pregnant.  Gosh they were just, what, 5 months old!!

We left the kittens alone for 2 weeks.  And now...

Now what do we have here...

Kittens again! 
(I named this one Spook)

And this one is Puff 
(unless it's Notpuff, who is the same colour but less puffy than Puff)

Don't squeeze the neck, Su Ern!

*Pet pet pet*

Heh we have kittens to pet again!  I like Spook, the all-black one.  Hopefully we find homes for the rest.


  1. Now you have one big cat family to feed. Your girls will have so many to pet. Better spay them fast or else another round of pregnancy. I hope you will be able to find new homes to adopt the kitties. My friend also ended up with so many cats in her home.

    1. Well I can't spay now since the Mom is feeding the kittens. And the kits are soo small. Yeah I do hope to find homes for all, though it doesn't look too good for now.

  2. I agree with Nancy. My brother takes all stray kittens to be spayed or neutered immediately when the vet gives the green light.

    1. Not easy to catch stray kittens? I believe not cheap either? Something like rm80 a female cat or something.

    2. you could apply for the selangor neutering subsidy. more info here https://selangorneuteringsubsidy.wordpress.com/about/

    3. Oo very interesting, thanks for that! No harm trying for the subsidy since already going to spay them.

    4. welcome! thanks for caring about the cats and kittens.

  3. they are so adorable!!! I'm not really a cat person but they are so cute... aiyo no way to keep them out of the driveway?? I think I will be really, really traumatised if I ran over any animal (>.<)"

    1. I'm not sure if I'm a cat person actually! Had dogs growing up but my mum always disliked cats.

      Hah we have netting all over trying to keep the cats at the back. They climb, we make it higher, they climb... we have given up.

      Some more those animals were OURS. :(