Thursday, February 8, 2018

My "job"

So JE has been a prefect about 2 weeks now.  And what does she say?

JE:  I hate my job as a "xue chang" (prefect)

Hehe... 7yo and already "hating her job"  Apparently her job is to "guard" the eating area of the Malay students during recess (no idea why people can't mix?).  That is her only job and she says it will not be changing.

She still likes wearing the tie, so guess that compensates for having a task she doesn't like.

Relaxing outside my job hours

I do wish they would rotate the tasks of the prefects.  I can imagine it is so boring not being able to enjoy recess with friends.  Hopefully that will happen.


  1. Eh, guard the eating area against what? So weird, no wonder she dislikes this job.

    1. Against non-Malays sitting there maybe? Ya kinda weird to segregate on purpose.

  2. Replies
    1. I just wish they'd rotate the jobs. She'd learn more also.

  3. Actually their "job" is only before school starts, not during recess. Don't need to do anything during recess n she gets to eat with friends.