Monday, August 4, 2014

JE's first reward chart

First reward chart is for... eating faster!  JE is overall well-behaved. But from babyhood she has been a very slow eater. Food can stay in her cheek for ages, be chewed a dozen times and still not be swallowed.  At mealtimes she talks, she wriggles, she plays and easily takes an hour to finish. So the goal for her was, finish her meal in half an hour (sometimes rounded up) and she gets a star.  Ten stars and she gets a toy. Well... I'd bought the toys for her already anyway, might as well make her work for it!

She made it only once out of every 3 or 4 attempts.  I occasionally relaxed the timing a little when she failed too many times in a row (must keep her motivated) and when she appeared to be trying so valiantly - gulping soup/water to wash the food down. Didn't want her to lose the joy in eating either.

Finally... TEN stars!

My TEN stars!


Phew... it wasn't easy!  Someone had to watch her, put food in her spoon and/or feed her or she'd get completely distracted from eating.  My parents helped with almost half the stars.

Thank you to Ah Mah, Ah Kong and all my fans... err helpers

Next goal... TWENTY stars!


  1. Jia yoh!!! Yes you can do it....20 stars :)

  2. Good effort mommy and JE and grandma and grandpa!

  3. Well done JE!! We've started "timing" Lil Pumpkin too.. wasn't too keen when her teachers suggested it last time but as she's nearing P1, have to urge her to eat within a certain timeframe in case she doesn't get to finish her meal during recess!