Monday, August 11, 2014

Fierce dragon

This one is showing her true colours... or it's just the terrible twos (hopefully).  She wants what other kids are holding, and bawls when she doesn't get it.  She insists on putting a toy right where someone is already sitting, and bawls when that person doesn't let her.  She needs to spear her own fruit, and bawls when someone does it for her. She has to have everything done her way, EXACTLY her way. And bawls when the teeniest detail isn't right.

With me, she does get her way a little more than JE.  Because she is LOUD and my eardrums/patience can't take it.  So I give in. Of course, in a short while she'd find the next thing she is unhappy about and the cycle begins. Aiyo.

(SE is a dragon in the Chinese zodiac) no, I good girl.


  1. but but but...when she smile and giggle your heart will melt, right?

  2. SK, you're right, absolutely. :)

  3. Oh so she is a little dragon. When she grows older and goes to school with other children I guess she will grow out of this phase.

  4. Little dragon lady hehe... at least you don't have to worry about her getting bullied in school? :P

  5. Mun, the bawling will stop eventually... but I suspect the stubbornness won't!

    Ai, yeah! Hm but must make sure she doesn't bully other people? Heh.