Monday, August 18, 2014

Ah Kong's birthday 2014

This event skipped one year... coz in 2013 Ah Kong wasn't feeling well and kept postponing the birthday celebration. Until Ah Kong insisted that we skip it altogether since his birthday was over already.

Good thing is, this year Ah Kong was fine and we had the celebration! It was Chinese food at Di Wei at Empire Subang.  Food was decent (took a pic of the first dish, Peking duck, and subsequently didn't bother).  The place wasn't crowded and there was a sitting area for the kids to play around in safely without disturbing other people. So... pass. :)

Sing Happy Birthday to Ah Kong!

Say cheese!

(I'm convinced my sis is standing a step in front of me. I'm not THAT short... anyway next time I'm not standing beside her)

Happy birthday to my dear father!


  1. Happy birthday to your dad!! :) Wishing him all the best in health and happiness!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Happy Birthday to your Ah Kong

    They didnt give you the Throne room? there is a room with very tall chair. Like fit for a King. We curi snap some pic there last time

  3. Happy Birthday to Ah Kong!

    ps : uhmm....... but u are that short. Wuahhhahahhahaaa!

  4. Ai, thanks for the wishes. :)

    SK, oo I did see two chairs with VERY high backs on the way out. Thought maybe for wedding use hehe.

    Y, next time you stand at the back. :p

  5. Happy belated birthday to your father! It is always a joyous occasion to celebrate birthdays!

    I have seen this restaurant but have never eaten there.