Friday, August 22, 2014

Fight with kakak

Lil SE sometimes fights with the maid. Luckily the kakak is a patient person and will laughingly accommodate her.

SE:  Ta-tak go way!
KK:  OK, kakak go and take care of Erin ok? (Erin is SE's main rival)
SE:   Erin not here
KK: Later kakak will go to Erin's house. Then who take care of you?
SE:  Mummy!
KK:  When Mummy go to work, who will take care of you?
SE:  I take care myself.

Gnngngggnn this girl. As if she can feed herself, change her own diapers and wash her little bottom by herself.

No, I no need ta-tak


  1. alamak....but no "ta-tak" later you rindu how?

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  3. SE can talk very well. She is a little chili padi.

  4. SK yeah sometimes she does insist on having kakak doing something. And won't accept anyone else.

    Mun, gahh chili padi is a good term for this one!

  5. Next time can be a lawyer... her retorts are very good actually! haha

  6. Ai, thanks. Heh yeah hor when I read back, she does make sense for someone who can't really talk yet.