Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Second reward chart

Continuing with the program to make JE eat faster.  Reward chart this time has TWENTY stars! She has improved and is less prone to keeping food for ages in her cheek.  But she will still lapse into doing that if not prompted. Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day.

She got her twenty stars and now she knows the drill.  First, pose for a mug shot with the chart...

Me and my stars

Then for the good part, choosing a toy!  This time she selected the magnetic paper dolls.

Woo hoo!

She got almost all the stars only with someone putting food in her spoon, bringing the spoon to her mouth and prompting her to EAT. For the next step, will be giving her less help.


  1. You seem to buy very nice toys, Stacy. Where u get them? Online?
    Well done, JE!!!

  2. still a grand achievement... well done JE! :)

  3. Well done JE! Good choice. I love playing with paper dolls when I was young. Will draw many paper dresses for them too. :)

    I imagine SE would want to feed herself when she reaches JE's age.

  4. Good for her! what is the next challenge?

  5. Leona, are you on Facebook? That's where I'm doing some of my toy shopping. Look for Group Buy sites.

    Ai, I wonder if it shouldn't be a grand achievement for her supporters.... me, kakak, the grandparents...

    Mun, yeah I do think SE wouldn't have this problem of slow eating! As it is, she eats faster than JE when she isn't being naughty (but she often is, wanting to hold her own soup bowl, not wanting kakak to feed, wanting to buckle/unbuckle/buckle the highchair strap etc )

    SK, if she can eat by herself and finish around the same time normal people do, I'm happy. :)