Thursday, August 7, 2014

First reward

Thought I'd post what she chose as her first reward. 'Firsts' are important, no? :)

I didn't want to overwhelm her with choices. Put before her a dress-up, a cooking and a doctor set. She picked the doctor set immediately, and was firm when I kept asking whether she was sure.  (Though later she said she also liked the dress up set.... AND also the cooking set hehe). So doctor set it was!

Just call me Dr Jo Ern

How are you, Mr Turtle? Let me check...

Oo I think have to amputate your flipper heheheeee

Hopefully she'll be motivated to get the next toy!


  1. Oh, a doctor in the making? JE is so obedient. Since she knows you already bought the other two sets but yet she did not press you to also let her play with them. Good girl!

  2. Ouch...not doctor is a Surgeon jor . Clever girl

    1. eh not surprising leh...maybe some day she will be a great doctor :)

  3. Mun, yeah that's why I didn't want to give her too many choices! Didn't know what will happen since this is her first time choosing 1 out of a few. I have bought more toys than those 3.

    SK, you're so funny haha. Aiyo if she becomes a surgeon, how to marry her off? :p

  4. She'll have so much fun checking her toys haha! Does she like the Disney show Doc McStuffins?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Ai...*I* also haven't heard of Doc McStuffins... hehe.