Friday, August 29, 2014

Jottings 29 Aug

I started this new assignment almost a month ago. From the pre-sales stage I have been trying to get OUT of this. A worksite that involves 3 hours of daily driving, a client  demanding enough to say their people can work throughout CNY and expect similar commitment from us, pre-sales requirements that were super-detailed, bosses who were workaholics... I could do without this kind of pressure! But a big team was called for and I couldn't extricate myself.

So it started. From the beginning, it was nose to the grind. Workshops after discussions after meetings from morning till late. And at the end of the long day, bosses who asked how come documentation still wasn't done. Work delegated to other teams (phew) who were supposed to come back to us? After a day, bosses would ask how come this item wasn't moving. And on being told that we were waiting for others, would insist we need to be more pushy and make it our responsibility to get results. Have a moment of breathing space and checking the net? Boss would come and comment, oh so free ah? Argh I have been getting cushy assignments for quite some time and am not used to this kind of hounding!

This week though, I had one good moment. I was stressed preparing for this workshop (I'm not the kind who likes being at the centre of attention and still dread it). The time came and to my surprise, the session went great. I was totally in the zone: completely in control, handling challenges with panache, snatching the right words out of the air. Walked out afterwards feeling triumphant with confidence oozing at every step. Drove home just a little fast with the radio on just a little loud. What a rush. Phooh!

The next day I had a similar workshop and couldn't repeat the performance. Had to fumble a bit for words. Hehehe. Oh well, I still get to go home to my two little girls!

Mummy! Look, pretty or not?


  1. Your two little girls are so pretty in the photo above!

    3 hours of driving! Both ways or one way?

    Wishing you all the best. Do steal a bit of time for yourself to breathe and rest.

  2. sound tough job. Working throughout CNY... hmmm...

    Yea always nice to be greeted by two precious when come home

  3. Mun, thanks! They sometimes look good in pics. :) 3 hours both ways on average.

    SK, it's tough working with such hardworking and committed people coz I'm naturally lazy hehe.

  4. good on you for sticking with it and not giving up! you're right.. coming home to our family is what gets me through most work days too.. :)

  5. Ai, still a while to go. Assignment only ends next year...