Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Afternoon at the MO

Had a buffet lunch at Mandarin Oriental recently. The desserts were good, savouries weren't that great in terms of quality and variety.  Expected more with the hefty price tag.  The environment was classy of course.

Ready to eat!

JE as usual starts to fidget and move around after a short while...

What's outside?

While SE is better in the eating department.  She has to do things her way though.  Sit on the chair she chooses, use this particular fork, eat this thing and not that thing.

I want eat cupcake with fork and want lick fork

Went to the KLCC park briefly after lunch to show JE the twin towers. Told her Mummy used to work there. Messed around with some palm tree species...

Touch touch pull pull

Nice time out for the kids, but I consider RM102/pax high for the food.  Hubby isn't into desserts and I can't eat all that much sweet stuff either. (Just realised I didn't take a single picture of food hehe)


  1. Kids eat for free, right? Glad to see both girls had a great time. KLCC park is nice for children to play in.

    Nowadays buffet meals at high class hotels like this are very expensive. Anyway I have retired from eating buffet meals because old already cannot eat much also.

    So now the girls know that mommy used to be a high flyer working in KLCC before becoming their mommy. :)

    Have a nice day!
    mun (Eat to Live)

  2. Pricey but as people says....quality time with family is the thing that counts :)

  3. Mun, actually it's half price for kids above 4. JE is 4 but can still pass for below hehe. She doesn't eat much anyway so I don't feel guilty not paying for her! Agree, buffets are more for youngsters. But I do like being able to try a bit of many things.

    SK, my goal is to expose the kiddos to various places, food, environment etc. They do seem to enjoy the pricey places more! (Well anyone would I guess)