Friday, September 26, 2014


... is not what she admits to being.  It's what she calls people who doesn't do what she wants!  If she wants a toy that JE is playing and JE doesn't give it to her, she will complain "Jie-jie naugh-tyyyy!" If I don't let her mess around with water in the sink, she runs bawling to Papa and complains while pointing to me, "Mummy, Mummy naughty!"  Sometimes she will manja a bit.  Strokes Papa's arm and reinforces her stand: "Papa not naughty.  MUMMY naughty".

Firstly, everyone else gets accused of being naughty.  Secondly, in her mind SHE's not the naughty one and shouldn't be getting scolded.

So how to discipline this one?  I think will just have to wait till she's a bit older.

Let me check who is being naughty


  1. haha she really looks like a mini JE in this pic!

  2. Who has been telling her too much that she is naughty until to her everyone else is the naughty one. ;p

  3. who is naughty? ....hehehe....just cute only mah,.....where got naughty :)