Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Be gone!

JE likes going out, likes the announcement that it's time for lunch, likes to choose where to go, likes walking into the shop.  But somehow her enthusiasm faces shortly after the food arrives and she's had, oh, two bites.  Suddenly you'll see her doing these...

Hide behind Papa

Go to far away corner

So kakak went to try and make her eat.

Run, run away!

Kakak be gone!

Aiyo. Sometimes I wonder if there's something physically wrong with this kiddo.


  1. LOL..nothing wrong with her laShe have a good imagination

    1. SK but why she dowan to EAT... Me, I was always a greedy kid. :(

  2. I also wonder how come she does not like to eat her main meals. Does she have any favourite food that she will look forward to eating?

    1. About the only thing she will eat all a lot of are biscuits and junk food... can't be raising her on these. :( Actually she does look forward to meals, only thing is after 2 bites, she's done!