Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another reward

Up to 30 stars this time!  I am hoping this exercise is effective.  JE would only achieve her limit of 30mins if there's someone putting food into her spoon, putting food into her mouth and reminding her every 5mins or so to EAT.  Otherwise she would just sit there looking around (or at the TV if it's my parents place) with either her mouth empty or the food stored in her cheek.  Sometimes when it's near the time limit, she would gulp down soup or water to wash down her food quickly.  Which isn't a good habit nor does it promote interest in eating.

She is so happy when she gets a star, and is so glum when she can't make it.  I can't make the target too difficult or there goes her motivation. So to balance it, next I'm making it a target of 25 stars but specifying that she gets less help.

This time I laid out a couple of new toys but she stuck to this fishing and cooking set.

My 30 stars!

Aww this toy is for me?

After buying it, I thought it didn't have that much play value.  But she was happily playing with it all weekend, phew!

Busy playing...

Of course, the small one insisted on getting her hands on the new toy too.  Grabbed whatever JE was processing.  I tried to keep her away so JE could enjoy her reward (it's her toy, after all) but loud bawling ensued.  Finally our maid took her outside to play with something else.

I acho wan to chut and chook fish 
(I also want to cut and cook fish)

 But later, when jie-jie was having a shower and a nap, the small one took over the new toy...

Come fishy fishy fishy... hehehe


  1. hehe she is very determined :P

    That's a great prize. I love wooden toys!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Well done JE for getting another reward. After JE has enjoyed playing with the toys alone, she can play together with SE. I remember playing masak masak together with my sister when we were young. :)

  3. Ai, I don't quite get the hype on wooden toys... to me, they're clunky-looking and pricy too. Got this set mainly coz I have bought very few wooden toys.

    Mun, the problem is SE would grab whatever she wants even when someone else is playing with that very piece. Hard to play with someone like that. :)

  4. bravo! reach 30 stars.

    nice toy la. as long as she is happy :)