Thursday, September 4, 2014

Not your dotta!

My maid related this to me... yesterday when she wanted to put SE into the car, SE resisted. Maid tried to coax her and that's when little SE said 'I not your dot-ta!'.  Hoo where did that come from?? So at night I asked her, "You are not kakak's daughter then whose daughter?'  And she replied, 'Mummy dot-TA!'.  Hehe so she does understand what it means!  No idea how it went into her vocabulary as it's a word we hardly use.

SE (tries to) talk like an adult even though she can't enunciate properly yet. When my mum asked her to put her feet down, she didn't. Only complied when my father told her sternly to do so. And then said, 'I no want listen Ah Mah say put feet down. I only want listen Ah Kong say put feet down'.

She's growing out of her stock phrase, 'I no want play with JoJo (or Erin or Kakak etc) any-MORE. Jojo so naugh-TEEEEE'. She likes to relate something and ends it with 'so fun-NEEEE heh hehhh'.  Latest now is when you say 'so funny', she will snap 'NOT so funny!'.

I foresee this one will be such the cili padi.

I no need listen tatak. Not tatak dot-ta

I will drive. Jie jie, you sit at the back


  1. I really wonder where she learns to say that. Her reasoning logic is very advanced for her age.

  2. hey there! first time dropping by here ;-) this "dotta" of urs is real smart, trying to 'fool' everyone with her logic...Raising her gonna be challenging...