Thursday, July 3, 2014

Unknown sidekicks

I keep having unknown people in the house! Heh. That would be JE calling SE by another name, depending on what character she (JE) is supposed to be at the time.  If she decides she's Peppa Pig, she will call SE 'George' (little brother of Peppa Pig).  If she's Elsa at the time, she will call SE 'Anna' (from Frozen). Surprisingly SE will respond to the new name!

Rexxxx! Come here and take photo
(I still have no idea where 'Rex' comes from)

Look at the camera, George

I suppose when SE can talk well enough to call JE, the number of unknown people will double!


  1. Both of them are so cute! JE really has an imaginative mind to be all those characters whenever she wants to be and SE is so sporting to play along.

    Maybe drama and acting playschool for JE? I think she would like it since she likes to play act now at home.

  2. Mun, never thought of that. :) She's real shy when it comes to group activities though... They had games of musical chairs and pass-the-balloon at my niece's birthday and JE flatout refused to participate. Hmm July already... probably by the time I get off my butt to enquire at the dance classes I saw near my house, it'd be time for kindy.

  3. Rex.. from Toy Story? He's the dino if I'm not wrong hehe. Lil Pumpkin would sometimes call my hubby "Daddy Pig" too since she is Peppa Pig hahahahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Ai, my current theory is Rex comes from Ben and Holly. Still... what do I know? Hmm does she go "Dad-dy Pig" with a Brit accent?