Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Port Dickson again

We went to Port Dickson again!  After all the dire warnings the previous time too! Dug up a photo taken at the same spot - the kids have grown a bit (but apparently can fit into the same shoes hehe).


9 months ago

Previously both city kids didn't like the beach. This time I was equipped with digging beach toys and JE couldn't wait to play with them. She quickly got her shoes off on the sand.  SE however...

No no feet cannot touch sand. Dirty.

JE loved the sand! Next day she chose the beach over the pool. She dug, made sandcastles, decorated them with shells, fetched water from the ocean to water her creations.

Ta-daah! A crab and a castle!

SE was better. Luckily one of the books I've been reading to them is where a baby bear goes STAMP STOMP on sandcastles so she was keen to do the same. She wanted to keep her shoes on though.

I fetch some water

We had lots of snacks and one of them was prawn crackers. This cat was a fan of them. I had to stop JE feeding the whole bag to it!

Me and my Papa!

And I like this pic with our shadows. Me clutching SE's little hand while she holds the watering can in her other hand. 

Me and my Mummy

I rather think we'd be back!  Maybe for 2 nights next time? :)  


  1. Yes, can clearly see that they have grown from comparing the two photos. Nice to see JE loving the beach. Hope SE will like the feeling of sands on her feet next time.

  2. I love the comparison shots! Really shows how much they grow.. sometimes even just after a few months :) they don't like to go swimming at the beach?

    Oh for your question, yes I do keep the stuff. Would be weird if they sold something after somebody else review right? haha

  3. wah they can still fit the same shoes ah? Mine kena change shoes every 6 months leh....:(

  4. Ai, you lucky gal. :) Swimming will leave for later... easier/safer to stay on the beach!

    SK, actually I want mine to GROW more! They're below average size I think, even though SE seems to be eating fine.