Monday, July 14, 2014

Take photo

Before the kiddos came, I never bothered much with a camera except on holidays. Now I routinely bring it along on trips to the mall, to the restaurant, to open-house invitations...

Checking the equipment with my little model...

I'm so glad JE has stopped running away from the camera!  She's a little self-conscious sometimes but at least I get decent shots now.

Me and some minions

As for the little one, last weekend I heard 'Take photo! Mummy, take photo!".  Looked down and there she was carrying this box of Hello Kitty toy.  So I snapped this photo. And she went to put the box back on the shelf.  Hehe.  (I suppose one day she will be asking to buy the toy!). 

Take photo, Mummy


  1. kids also pandai main camera liao. Mine too....kept wanna "selfie".

  2. SE loves the camera. No amount of photos are enough to capture them at this age for them to look back when they are older so keep on taking phptos!

  3. JE takes really nice photos! I showed Elyssa your blog recently. Told her - "see, JE smiles nicely for the camera!" :-) Cos it's getting harder and harder to get decent photos of her these days.

  4. SK, haha mine are not there yet... maybe later!

    Mun, I think my main future 'consumer' of these photos are me myself! I picture myself as an old lady tearing as I go through photos of my kids when they were so young and adorable (to me that is, hehe).

    Catherine, thanks!

    Y, haha the times I'd wished JE would post for pics like Elyssa did! Hmm thought Elyssa still likes posing...

  5. They are both so cute!! Before I had my iphone I used to bring out my camera. Nowadays I just use my iPhone.. camera only for "events" as I find it too heavy!

  6. Ai, I'm not convinced my iphone takes the same quality photos as my camera! But yeah sometimes I think aiya, should have brought camera, and all the while phone is with me. Gotta change mentality a bit hehe.