Thursday, July 17, 2014

Buffet activity

What to do on weekends?  If we stay home, JE watches TV morning, afternoon and night.  I do try to spend time with her reading, playing board games, playing pretend with her toys.  SE can be disruptive - at this age some activities are beyond her. The main problem though is, how much stamina do I have for doing kiddy stuff?  :)  (Hubby has practically none, no point looking his way)  And while sometimes I could still go on, JE is already requesting to watch TV. *smack head*

My solution? Go OUT.  Change of scene, get the body moving etc. We almost always end up at a mall.  So was happy to stumble upon another option - spend time in a buffet restaurant!  

Shabu Ten at 1U has a similar concept as I love Steamboat where plates of food travel around on a conveyor belt, except that the steamboat pot is communal here rather than individual. The food was fresh, pass. There were fried items and soft-serve ice-cream too. The kiddos were entertained by the conveyer belt and didn't run around.  Hubby likes steamboat and didn't have a black face.  Our maid actually said 'Thank you' for the meal (I didn't know how to respond haha). 

JE doesn't eat much and it's not worth paying for her at buffets. Luckily there was a free-kid-meal promotion.  I wanted to take a photo of her in the restaurant and she presented her bum...

Take photo of my BACKSIDE hehehee

SE still eats for free.  This one is hard to deal with as she insists on everything done her way.

Me! Take photo of my Hello Kitty!
We spent close to 2 hours there grabbing plates off the belt, cooking, eating, repeat.  Must do something like this again!


  1. Thanks for tips on Lot 43. Thinking of finding adeniums too.

    Mine is terbalik . If go out , he will be like monkey. If stay home, he will find his own entertainment. LoL.

  2. Must be fun for both SE and JE to take food off the conveyour belt to be cooked and eaten. Go again!

  3. The 2 girls are looking more and more alike! Just different in size haha..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. I enjoyed myself too when my family ate there too. I think I sat at the same table too. Fun to pick your favourite food off d conveyor belt.

  5. SK, googled Adenium and found it's desert rose. I went through a phase of collecting those! Easy to maintain, looks nice. But they grow really slowly and some have died on me.

    Mun, need to watch waistline... mine, that is. :)

    Ai, just what I've been thinking actually! I sometimes need a second or so to figure out who the one rolling around is.

    Leona, hehe detective la you. Good value for money hor - food and entertainment!

  6. Adenium is fu guai fa, isn't it?

  7. Mun, yep yep is fu quai fa. :)