Monday, June 30, 2014

At the restaurant

June has been a rather busy month for us.  There was the visit to the petting zoo, birthdays for 2 kids and 2 adults. The kids' birthdays were at the respective homes, no issue.  But the birthdays for adults involved multi-course meals at restaurants. With long-ish wait times.

I used to get annoyed by kids running around in restaurants, chasing each other and screaming away. Thought that won't be happening with MY kids coz I'd train them to BEHAVE. And now?

After 15mins or so.... *wriggle wriggle*

Off to the fish tanks!

That was at a restaurant with fish tanks. It was back and forth, back and forth, table to fish tank, fish tank to table. Luckily my maid could accompany them. (Though I got worried when I didn't see the kids for a while!)

At the next dinner with a private room and no fish tanks, JE and SE ended up going round and round the table. Again and again. Even my maid sat down after a while.

Fix my shoes first

Pose for photo before running round the table again

I guess it's just not possible to expect kids to sit still at a meal that takes hours to finish! If other people get annoyed... *no eye see*. What to do? Hehe.


  1. Yes agreed. Cannot expect them to sit still during long dinners unless they like to do colouring and can be kept occupied with colour pencils and drawing booklets at the dinner table.

  2. Mun, nah no place at the table already with glasses, tea cups, plates, bowls, cutlery, chopstick rest etc etc. Anyway I didn't bring any 'entertainment'. :)

  3. I don't expect Lil Pumpkin to sit through the whole meal too.. nowadays I'd definitely pack "entertainment" for her, otherwise I'd expect to walk outside with her too. Don't like her to walk inside the restaurant since it gets crowded with hot food around :P

  4. Ai, yeah she did happen to startle a passing waitress that time!