Monday, June 23, 2014

Got maid

Yay I have a maid again!  She arrived unexpectedly early and I was only without one for 5 weeks.  Algen has been good so far - very hardworking, good with the kids, eager to learn.  She told me she's worried that I'd send her home as she really wants to work.  Now that's an attitude I could get used to!  My previous few maids - Annie, (Reyme doesn't count) and Ilyn - were people who knew they could easily get other jobs. And deigned to stay a while just because we were nice to them.

But SE has been VERY trying since Gen came. It's as if she knows she has a maid at her beck and call now and she WILL scream for attention as she wishes!  She screams every single time she doesn't get her way too, sigh.  Oh well, overall things are looking good.

Put flowers in my hair, kakak

Flowers for me too!

Hope this one will be a keeper. :)


  1. This is indeed good news. Algen looks young and pretty and SE seems ok to be carried by her in the photo. All the best!

  2. Good luck! She seems to have a good attitude :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. SE certainly knows how to play her 'diva' card!! :) and with who...

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  5. Mun, the young n pretty part is all my hubby's doing haha. He says cannot have someone unpleasant-looking since will be living in same house. Luckily so far so good!

    Ai, yeah *fingers crossed*

    Leona, ya lor, that little girl...