Monday, May 19, 2014

Maidless for a month

It has been a month since Ilyn vanished. How has it been? Well we had been maidless for 5 months before Ilyn arrived a year or so ago. This time, in some ways it has been easier:

1. The kids are older now. JE can be safely left with the TV or iPad. SE has a shorter attention span but can still be occupied for a while. She does bawl or come hunting for me all too soon though!

2. I stopped making baby food since SE doesn't like them any more. That took time as fresh food needs to be minced, cooked, cooled, deboned, pureed, stored. Repeat 2-3 times so she'd have variety. Ilyn was helpful as she'd patiently do the preparation part - I'd still do the rest. Using up freezer stocks now.

3. I'm having weekday dinners at my parents' place since hubby is still busy with his new F&B venture. So I don't have to shop and prepare food or to rush home to cook. And I have help at dinnertime to feed the kids and to watch them while I clean up (the kids, the dishes, the table, the chairs, the floor!) after dinner.

4. Hubby has a better attitude. Previously he wasn't working but was so irritable at having to sacrifice drinking time with his buddies. Now he's actively trying to juggle work and home.

5. Hubby comes home around 2am and sleeps late the next morning. The kids sleep late too so in the mornings I leave everything to him! I just prepare breakfast for all and go off to work.

6. No dog to clean up after. Shadow's previous area is large and needed to be cleaned every day.

Play play play... now who cleans up?

But it's tough sometimes. I clean house on weekends but the kids spill things within the day. SE can poo-poo 5 times a day and it's tiring to change diapers and wash bum that often! My current assignment is at KLCC and it often takes 2 hours through traffic to reach my parents' place after work. And in the space of an hour I will shower, eat, clean up, walk to and fro to the car to install 2 carseats, pack up to go home, get the kids in the car. Reach home around 10pm and reverse the process - get the kids out, uninstall the car seats, unpack, make milk and snacks for supper, brush their teeth, read bedtime stories etc. I start dozing off before they do hehe.

Surviving though. But... someone just dropped the iPad and the screen is busted. Argggh.


  1. There is light ahead at the end of the tunnel... Just one more month!! Importantly, keep yourself healthy n get enough rest n vitamins ok...

  2. Maybe during the weekends, you can get more rest and let the house cleaning wait for part time cleaners. I know I can't do what you are doing now during weekdays so I salute you.

  3. Aww hang in there! Sounds like there's a good routine. Just remember to breathe and rest too.

  4. Leona, good advice, I sure can't afford to get sick!

    Mun, it's only for a short term so didn't want to bother with part time (heard those can be quite a hassle too!).

    Ai, haha yeah breathe breathe omm ommmm.

  5. can tell you're maidless (oh first world woes)
    look how messy the room is.