Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mah shooz

I bought this pair of Flipflops recently.  Opened the box at my parents' place, SE immediately said "Mah shooz" (my shoes) and took them away to try on.  OK never mind, let her play with them.  Took the box home and left it a few days.  Then last weekend I wanted to wear them out.  Took them out, SE saw and went 'MAH shooz!'.  Grabbed them and wouldn't give them back - "Thih ih mah shooz" (this is my shoes). What gives?  How can this pair of shoes totally not in her size become hers??

I'm busy, don't disturb. And cannot take mah shooz

Use mah feet to bring the cushion. Still cannot take mah shooz

Forcibly took them away.  Loud ear-splitting shrieks ensued.

This little kid. Gngngngnnnn.  Yet once she has calmed down and you ask, "Just now who naughty?", she blithely replies "Me!". Heh.


  1. SE must like your orange Flipflops very much. After she has calmed down, did she ask you for the shoes?

  2. Mun, shoes are back in storage for now haha. I'd decided against wearing them that day since we were going to walk a lot and I didn't want to risk wearing new shoes.

  3. Does she normally react like this to your other 'merchandise' that u buy? or she must realy really like the color orange...

  4. haha is it in her favourite colour?? :P

  5. oh ya if you can, check the product that the loom pins are not rough.. because if too rough, they may break the rubber bands which are quite delicate when hooking, especially when you do the complicated designs and there's a lot of tension on the rubber bands :)

  6. I don't see SE having any particular colour preference! I normally buy things in contrasting colours. Usually JE takes red/pink/orange and she takes the remaining one.