Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Almost 2!

My little firebrand is going to be 2 this Friday!  It does seem like she has grown up pretty fast.  She has refused to wear bibs since ages ago.  Currently she refuses to sit on her baby chair and STANDS on a normal chair instead. Wouldn't sitting be more comfy than standing??  Sigh.

I'll eat this cake. By myself. With this fork. Sitting on THIS chair.

She is JUST transitioning to eating rice.  She started teething late and new teeth was also slow coming in. She doesn't like her baby food any more (will grab and try to throw her food away!) but isn't quite ready for rice with dishes.  So now she gets about half baby food mixed with half rice.

Just let me do what I want, OK?

Ranking on the headstrong department?  Tops!  She definitely has a mind of her own and would scream/fight/bite if someone stops her from doing what she wants. For all that, once she has calmed down, she will be all sugar and spice. Like last weekend, she was being particularly trying and I gave her a smack on her hand. Immediately she started bawling and went over to hubby for consoling. But once she was over it, she came back to me and started kissing my arm. With tears still in her eyes. Heh how to remain mad at this little one?

Now I want to sit here with Ah Toh

(Heh SE still cannot call 'Ah Kong'.  Calls my father alternatively Ah Toh/Ah Tong/Ah Tau)


  1. wow almost 2!! that's very fast!
    "Ah Tau" is a very cute nickname for her granddad haha

  2. Ai, I know... how time seems to fly when you look at your kids!

  3. Here's wishing Su Ern a very happy belated birthday!

  4. Or a very happy birthday since this blog is May 9, 2014. :)

  5. Heh, thanks Mun. :) Had a connection problem last week so catching up a bit on posts this week.