Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First photoshoot for SE

Took SE for her first photoshoot last November. Online deal as usual heh. It wasn't a great session as she hardly smiled, didn't get where she was supposed to be. Oh well, the studio does primarily bridal shoots so they aren't kids-oriented like JE's last one.

I went to select photos in February.... and just collected the results last weekend. Talk about sloowwww hehe. We'd been a little busy, what with hubby's new job and our current lack of maid. SE looks a fair bit younger in the photos! Here goes:



Picked these first two to be enlarged and framed. Next chose one more of SE, one with both girls and one of JE. I'd no idea JE could be included as well or would have put nicer clothes for her!

Me and some bears


This is one mega starfish!

It was good value though! At just RM88 we got a 1-hour photography session, 5 photo picks and two large framed up photos (with nice solid frames too!) They never tried to hardsell me into purchasing more either.


  1. Nice... D pix are clear n good lighting. SE good model lei... Very natural in those poses!

  2. Yes, the photo of JE and SE together is very sweet.

  3. Leona, actually it was rather a frustrating session! Small kid didn't know what was expected of her. Luckily had a few nice ones to pick.

    Thanks, Mun! Wasn't sure about picking that once since it looks like something I could have taken with my own camera. But I did want one with both kids together and there were few other nice pics anyway... so, take this. :)

  4. Sweet memories :) I like going for family PS as I can never shoot that well haha.

    Good that they don't hardsell. Really such a turn-off when they try to push packages onto the customer. Makes me want to run out faster :p

  5. Ai yeah. Professionals have the edge in experience and equipment. So I'm willing to pay. But not pay through my nose for 100's of photos!