Saturday, April 19, 2014

Runaway maid

Only a few days after my previous post, Ilyn ran away. Came downstairs yesterday morning to find her missing. Pottered around by myself thinking maybe she'd gone to the toilet. Then I noticed the gate was slightly open and quickly went to check her room. Cleaned out! Aiya.

She has days off and I always had concerns whether she'd return from them. But she always did, for almost 11 months. And now that she has only 2 more months with me, I was thinking I should be safe. Sigh.

Ilyn took good care of the kids, especially SE.  I had been worried about SE missing her. JE is older and has seen maids come and go. So yesterday I made it a point to explain to SE, "Kakak go away already. But Mummy still here, Papa still here". She thought for a while and then said, "Want Mummy!..... Want Papa!" Attagirl, SE.  :) And she hardly asked for Ilyn the whole day. Normally she'd be looking for her 'Ta-tak' all the time.

On the positive side, our lives had been good since she joined our household. She worked fast and always looked for more work. My Tupperware craze started and she washed and organised the products. She was a cleaning machine during our recent house reno. And was a trooper when our dog Shadow died - pulled the huge dead dog out of his hiding place, wrapped him up, lugged him to the car, cleaned up the smelly stuff that'd flowed out. She joined us to Port Dickson, Ipoh, Camerons and basically everywhere. She was the best maid I've had and I'd better lower my standards for future maids!

We like our kakak!

Ilyn vanished on a Saturday morning... weekends are for cleaning the house, the cars, the garden, making baby food, cooking and kiddy activities. Gahhh. It will be 2 months before our new maid is due to arrive. Gotta have buckets of patience, make peace with dust and rely a lot on Mr iPad. Not going to be an easy time for anyone.


  1. Sorry to hear about this but any idea why she ran away since you all like her and she also does her work very well.

  2. Ok, just read your previous post and the answer is she wants to go to "better pastures". Guess the "better pastures" want her service now. Any idea what "better pastures" is that?

  3. Hi Mun :) We talked before and 'better pastures' would be commercial jobs like at a clinic/cafe etc. Lots of freedom or take 2-3 jobs to earn more money.

    Yeah, I'm thinking something urgent must have come up and she wanted to grab the opportunity.

  4. So must you find her or it's ok to just let her leave like that??

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Ai, will leave her be. What can I do even if I find her heh.

  6. Throughout your post, I feel you are very calm n positive about your MIA maid. Good for you that u see n accept it as how it is. I was kan cheong for u when I saw your header. 2 months will pass very fast...

  7. Leona, 1 week down ONLY hahaha... The full story is, our agent went MIA after providing Ilyn and earlier 2 temp maids. So we knew there wouldn't be warranty or anything. Ilyn was fine but wanted to leave after 6 months to work in a restaurant. Luckily a friend told her the work would be very tiring and she cancelled. But 2 months later she again said want to leave. Talked her into staying until I can get another maid. Now that she has left, I just count blessings that she stayed relatively long. Money-wise I don't rugi coz this agent was cheap (never trust cheap!) and I did get the use of maids for about 14 months total.