Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jo Ern is 4!

My big girl is four years old! Old enough to request her birthday dinner to be 'at home', old enough to choose her cake. :) She saw this balloon design at King's a few months ago and liked it on sight.  Good for me heh. No need to hunt for complicated designs or, worse, having to make it myself!

Water supply was supposed to be out due to water rationing. But fortunately taps weren't dry that night. Cooked up a few things:
1. Salad with sesame dressing
2. Braised pork belly - 1.7kg
3. Smoked chicken - 1 whole chicken
4. BKT soup
5. Stir-fried veggies
6. 'Kau yuk' beehoon - 1 pack, with canned stewed pork
7. Steamed rice - 7 cups

I underestimated the quantity slightly... overall just about enough food for 14 adults and 5 kids heh. I did have half a smoked chicken on standby but everything on the table was polished up.

Can I eat my cake now?


My SIL noticed all my photos were blur after the candles had been blown out. Luckily she did, or I wouldn't have had any photos from the night at all! Quickly changed camera settings to auto and posed for a second round with the cake. Also got this nice pic with Ah Mah, Ah Kong and all the grandkids...

Say cheese everybody!

Happy birthday, my Jo Ern!

NB 9 Apr... Add pic of cake. :)


  1. Hi, JE is a big girl now!! 4 yo is a nice age... They are discovering so many things at this age n can express themselves. I like d cake. Was hoping for a closer pic of it!
    Happy birthday, precious!

  2. Nice photos. Almost all looking at the camera. N my little ulat looks so big. Hahaha.

  3. Leona, oh I do have a pic of that cake! I shall put it up, good thing you mentioned. :)

    Cat, coz he's right in front mah.

  4. Happy birthday Jo Ern! :)
    That's not just a few things you cooked haha.. seems like a feast!

  5. Happy 4th birthday Jo Ern! Did I just write 4? Wow! She's a big girl now.

  6. Ai, haha I'll never be a domestic goddess! Though I still dream.

    Juana, yeah time flies. :)