Friday, April 11, 2014

My way, or...

SE wants things done HER way. If she wants to feed herself, she will bat away any offers of help. If she wants to spear a piece of food and you spear it for her, she will shake that food OFF and then spear it again by herself. If she wants kakak to pick her up, she will hit Ah Mah if Ah Mah comes instead. If she stacks things up and cousin baby Jayden comes and takes one, she will smack him.

Kakak go away! I do this myself!

See? Can feed myself. See?

But she's small and powerless, and can't get her way ALL the time. And when that happens, it's the CRY way!

Waaaahhh! WaaAAAAAHH!


  1. hehe it's nice to see them trying to be more independent :)

  2. Yeah! It's when you realise they're a little person in their own right, with their own will. But can be frustrating too!