Thursday, April 17, 2014

When the maid gets bored

This is what you get... haha.

Do I look nice?

A China doll! And another one!

*Busy* Play play play iPad.

At least everyone had fun!  And I bought proper hair tie-bands after that. These plain rubber bands are a pain (literally!) to remove from the hair.

Kakak tied our hair nice-nice

On our maid... Ilyn has been with us 10 months now. She has been good - pleasant, hardworking, independent and great with the kids - but she wants to leave for better pastures. What to do? Can't force people to work if they don't want to. I have already shortlisted another maid and hopefully that works out fine. Ilyn has another 2 months to go. I'd better get my "me-time" while I can!


  1. I found some plastic rubber bands at home and started using them with Lil Pumpkin when she goes to school. Find that it stays in place better all-day compared to the elastic kind. Hope the new maid will be just as good as the current one :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Both girls look cute!
    Elyssa mentioned to me b4 that Ilyn is good at tying hair cos she can tie "in-out,in-out" (plaits)

  3. Ai, fingers crossed!

    Y, there were more bunches at the back of the head too haha.