Thursday, August 1, 2013

3rd maid lucky?

Third Filipino maid, that is. I'm breathing easier now that I have a maid. My hands would already be full juggling work, housework and a toddler. Add a baby, my cup runneth over. Ilyn is working out well so far. Better than Annie and definitely better than Reyme. She's pleasant, hardworking, good with kids, can cook etc. I'm just not relaxing my guard too soon. :)

She actually ran away from her previous employer and her papers aren't sorted out yet. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that everything will turn out fine. (My rogue of an agent gave me a temp maid, a reject maid and now a runaway maid! I do like this one though and hope she stays.)

But SE doesn't seem to like her much! No idea why as Ilyn does carry and play with her often.

This one my new kakak. But I want my Mummy. Mummyyy!!


  1. Ran away from the previous employer?? Yeah, not meaning to scare or whatever, but don't let your guard down yet. Kids are more sensitive and can tell character pretty well so if SE doesn't like her, it does raise a red flag.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Ai, I know! I was thinking maybe Ilyn is doing something while I wasn't looking. But the Cambo maids are always around and they hadn't said anything. It's been 2 months so maybe it's nothing. Oh, I didn't know she was a runaway when I took her. Agent cooked up some story. Ilyn confessed after a couple of days, which is a point for her since she was honest.

  3. What reason did she say for running away? Anyway whatever she says, who knows the truth? Just be careful. She does look smart.

  4. Leona, she said her previous employer scolded her all the time and she was very unhappy there. I don't hold that against her - some people ARE tough to work for. Yeah I only have her word for everything. So far so good though.