Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pricy drinks

Recently we went to the house of hubby's friend for dinner.  As usual with his friends, alcohol is always a big part of the event. But this time even I took photos. Well, just of the champagnes which is what impressed me most. Right to left: Moet Chandon RM300, Dom Perignon RM680, Krug RM800.  Phew!!

What is so special about these??

I check and see if got gold inside

So how were they? The Moet was nice, the Dom was very dry and I couldn't appreciate it really.  The Krug wasn't opened that night. I was well satisfied to have had some of the first two anyway!


  1. I have a Moet Chandon at home which has been in the cupboard for many years. Waiting for the right time to open it but with my now bf-ing, guess it will have to wait even longer.

  2. I'd rather use the $$ to buy loads and loads of Tupperware. keke!!

  3. Such huge bottles! My FIL has a collection of big bottled liquor too but I don't drink so will never appreciate such expensive alcohol haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Cat, champagne doesn't improve with storage so don't keep too long. Wait till Jayden is a little bigger then can drink already right? I m still bf-ing SE and have been drinking alcohol for quite a while now. But hardly enough to get high!

    Y, agree! Lots of beautiful, colourful Tupperware! When I compare what I want to buy with pricy alcohol like this, everything also better value!

    Ai, thing is, these bottles aren't big at all. 750ml each which does NOT last long esp when shared amongst a few people.

  5. Ya... we were waiting for the right occasion to open the champagne but after that got pregnant n now bf. Never got the chance to open it.

  6. The pic of SE looking at those bottles made me think what would happen if she suddenly reached out for one those bottles...